Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout is a game, which is the best workout simulator I have ever seen, because it has so many amazing details and awesome gameplay. Of course with stunning graphics. This is the game, which already have fans all over the world, as it has a realistic game engine and so many features to drive you crazy and make your play an entertaining journey. Here you will see what it takes to be a real douchebag and a guy, which can get any women and be attractive. Meanwhile, this game gives you the opportunity to see how gym works and how does it feel to be big and VIP member of the society.

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Douchebag Workout


This game has so many levels and achievements to please you, like there are levels, where you have to beat bodybuilder competition and also you have to be club VIP member, because you need to get ladies' attention and also, you need a social network to show your progress to the world.

The controls in this game are the most important part. You have to use Arrow keys and space to workout.

  • Some training requires Up and Down arrow keys
  • There are rounds, where you have to use Left and Arrow Keys with Space.

Game challenges and levels

Douchebag Workout has whole new 10 level and all of them require different work from you to be a popular and a big guy.

  • First three levels are about to get more mass on your body and train your character to make little progress in bodybuilding. Also, you need to go shop and buy a new things, like glasses and you have to change your haircut. Because of that, you get a new girlfriend, it will be less attractive, but it is only beginning of this awesome game.
  • After the rough start, you'll get amazing changes and see a backstage of the famous life by another three level, where you need to workout hard and gain big muscles in your whole body to be big. Also, there you have to use bronzage and change your skin's color to be more attractive for womens. If you play hard enough, you'll get membership of the douch club and also get a new polo shirt, which is symbol of the douchebag life.
  • At the last, you need to work to grow every muscle on your body and there you need to be very patient. This requires from you to train each body part with different gem equipment and workout until your body size and shape will be excellent to get a pretty girlfriend and win a bodybuilding competition.

Douchebag Workout


  • Best Workout Of The Month
  • Champion of arm wrestling tournament
  • Winner of the bodybuilding competition

Power ups and gameplay

Douchebag Workout is a game, where you have a character, who is less attractive and weak, so your job is to workout and make him big to get laid, by eating diet and hard workout. For that, you have a shop, where you have four types of illegal supplements to buy, like there are natural proteins and also chemical medicine, which makes you stronger, but also damage your health, so you have to be careful. Also, you need to watch your heart's status and take care of it by eating healthy food and drink. It's not as easy as it seems, so play with joy and be famous. Good luck.